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Director's Message

Bangiya Gramin Vikash Micro Finance took its first step into the world of financial services, and today we are one of the frontrunners in the industry.

Director's Message

Heartiest wishes & greetings to our members and our associate members for being a part of our Bangiya Gramin Vikash Micro Finance. As a Managing Director of the company, I'm looking forward to the progress of our company and so we are dealing with various segments. This can only be possible with the heartfelt co-operation of the members along with our associates. I would like to inform all of you, that Bangiya Gramin Vikash Micro Finance is no longer limited to the boundaries of india. It has now become international. We are proud to inform you that Bangiya Gramin Vikash Micro Finance is targeted to open 15 different segment of factory.

It gives us great pleasure to publish our company profile through which we can project ourselves all over india. This profile also reflects upon our performance over a year. Our Company is on the road of development withthe aim to provide services to our society through our members& associates of our company.

Our organization also helps to provide job opportunity for the younger generation, who are looking for better job according to their abilities.Earlier we had declared that, we have tie-up with various giant company which means we are insured to our customers who have invested in our organization.

Recently we started a project on water purification in West Bengal that reflects our stand as a company.

We conclude,on behalf of "Bangiya Gramin Vikash Micro Finance " and congradulates the subbordinates and members for their successful journey and wishes them well for their achievements in the establishment of the company.